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Black Book


Investor presentation structure development and slides design for lifestyle management supper app from Melbourne, Australia.

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Black Book is a lifestyle superapp for business and personal. It’s designed to manage experiences – like flights, hotels, transfers, or even making a reservation at a restaurant or a bar.

Lifestyle Management Superapp

Company Size:
50+ people

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Challenge & Solution

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Jaci Smith just finished two years of R&D and was entering the $15 million Seed round of investment. Jaci was looking for a strategic partner with a fresh set of eyes who could help her explain complex and technical products via investor presentation and raise funds.

There was already a pitch deck, but unlike the thoughtfully designed product, the existing Black Book pitch deck was lacking clarity and thus resulted in a vague deck. We needed to change that.

Storytelling & Design

We wanted the presentation to match the quality of the product. We took time to make discovery sessions and conducted numeral personal interviews with the founding team. We’ve also made market research to confirm the opportunity and collect supportive data for the market fit. The information we uncovered laid the foundation of the new structure. We’ve developed a conversational narrative and sharpened the product voice focused on investors as an audience. On top of this, we’ve added visual language and seamless animation & transitions.

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The Result

Project Outcomes:

Client’s Feedback

“They nailed what our product was all about. We found their ability to workshop all the angles and take on feedback was great and it shows in the final product. Everything moved with a milestone dynamic brief via Notion which was handy to track progress. We’re very happy with the process and the final product. All was handled well and professionally.”

The Result

The Black Book pitch deck is 24 custom developed animated Power Point slides. For which we’ve made a market + design research and created a new moneymaking structure focused on the audience. The new pitch with Jaci blasting charisma helped to raise funds.



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Services we provided:

Jaci Smith

Project Management:
Ihor Hulyahrodskyy

Ihor Hulyahrodskyy, Kseniia Palamarchuk, Olena Zderka

Ihor Hulyahrodskyy, Vadym Herasymenko

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